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What are the paths for FTP, SMB, WebDav, Rsync, etc.?
Here is an overview of available services including all server addresses.   Service | Type Server Port User / User name Password FTP ftp.hidrive.strato.com 21 Your User name The password you specified in HiDrive. SFTP ...
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How to use the HiDrive Windows software 3.x
The HiDrive software for Windows integrates HiDrive as a hard drive in Windows Explorer and allows you to backup files from the hard drive to HiDrive by drag & drop. First the system saves all files in a separate cache during upload. ...
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HiDrive: Which connection protocols are offered?
In order to establish an encrypted or non-encrypted connection to your STRATO HiDrive, STRATO provides different protocols that can be used regardless of the operating system selected. Below we describe which protocols we offer and how they ...
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Our recommendations for good passwords
Passwords play an important role in the context of security. One should pay attention therefore to the correct password formation and use. In this article, we will give you some hints for creating a "good" password:   Choice of ...
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Is there an upload speed limitation on the HiDrive?
No, the up and download speed is not limited by STRATO. All HiDrive packages can be used in the speed available in your connection.In this context, is important to note that in case of the common ADSL connections, the upload speeds differ ...
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I deleted data on the HiDrive, however the disk space still indicates that it is occupied.
The required Disk space for your HiDrive backups reduces the overall volume of your available space to the size of all backup versions. In the account overview displays the corresponding list to your HiDrive backup versions. This shows how ...
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