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How to configure Outlook Express

In this guide your learn to use Outlook Express 6 to send and receive e-mails.

If you have defined POP3 mailboxes without forwarders for your domain, you now need to configure your e-mail program to receive these e-mails. We will show you here how to configure Outlook Express.

How do I get Outlook Express?
Outlook Express is part of the Internet Explorer package and free of charge. It´s simply an e-mail and newsgroup program. There are no further components.

Start Outlook Express and choose from the menu Extras the option Accounts. A dialogue box will appear. Choose the register E-mail and you´ll see an overview of your existing e-mail accounts.

Click on the button Add and choose the option E-mail to configure a new e-mail account. A program assistant will start which leads you step by step through the configuration. First, enter the name you wish to use as the sender of your e-mails.

Now click on next. Next you enter your e-mail address. Use the full e-mail address you configured in your customer service area.

The following example lists the mailbox "mary" and the domain "desiredname.eu". The e-mail address is mary@desiredname.eu:

Click again on next. In the next window, the servers are entered.

Accept the settings as shown in the picture. The incoming server is a POP3 server. The address for incoming mails is pop3.strato.com. The address for outgoing mails is "smtp.strato.com".

Now click next. You now need to enter your user account name and your e-mail password.

Your POP account name is modelled on the pattern mailboxname@desiredname.eu like mary@desiredname.eu. Your password is the one you chose when configuring the mailbox. If you haven´t entered anything there, it´s your contract number (check your invoice). Now click on next.

You will receive a confirmation that the e-mail configuration is finished. When you now click on Finish, your settings are saved. You will now see the newly configured account in the Accounts overview.

Just click your new account´s line and then click the button Properties.

You can now define further settings.

  • General: changing the name in the account overview.
  • Server saving or changing the password.
  • Connection: adding further connections.
  • Security: choosing a certificate for encrypting e-mails (not possible with STRATO Web hosting).
  • Advanced: raising the server´s timeout.

Close the dialogue box by clicking on the OK button.

You will again see the account overview. Shut it down by clicking close Close the program and restart it. This step is important so that the new settings will be saved. Now you can send and receive e-mails as usual.

Hinweis Note
Please note that you must first receive e-mails, to send any. If this order is not observed, error messages may occur since you have not identified yourself on the server. Click the menu option Receive All.

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