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What are the general settings for an e-mail account?

Use the following settings to configure your e-mail program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) and immediately start to read and send e-mails with your new Internet name. 

Incoming mail server: POP3
Server name for incoming mail (POP3): pop3.strato.com
Server name for outgoing mail (SMTP): smtp.strato.com
POP account name (Username): mailboxname@desiredname.co.uk (e.g. webmaster@desiredname.co.uk).

Please replace "mailboxname" and "desiredname.uk" with your individual data.

A few e-mail programs, e.g. Netscape Messenger, do not accept the "@" symbol. Instead enter the percent "%" symbol. In this case use the format:

(e.g. webmaster%desiredname.de).

With Eudora and Eudora Light:

Important Information:

You must set a password for each individual e-mail account. The character length can range between 6 and 12 characters. Please refrain from using the space character, since this cannot be interpreted.

Your e-mail password does not necessarily need to match your customer password or master password. Infact, we recommend you choose a seperate password altogether.

Please Note:

It is often recommended to use SMTP port 587 sending e-mails. Some Internet providers carry out control filters on the standard port 25, which certainly can cause irregularities.

Please also read:
Beachte auch How to change your e-mail program to use SMTP AUTH

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